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Just like in-person appointments at AIMC, you’ll be given the full attention of your practitioners who will ask thorough and thoughtful questions about your health. In your 60 minute session, your practitioners will weave together a custom plan of care to address any health concerns you’re facing and enhance your sense of vitality, peace, and wellness. All the things we do with acupuncture (what we call enhancing the flow of qi in the body, building yin and yang, clearing stagnation that is felt as pain or discomfort) are available through the other manifold branches of this medicine. Your personalized treatment may include an herbal prescription from our in-house pharmacy, movement and mindfulness coaching, dietary & nutritional guidance, acupressure instruction, or other wisdom from the Chinese & Integrative Medicine traditions.

Before your appointment, you will receive an email from frontdesk@aimc.edu with instructions and a Zoom link to a private, secure meeting. If you do not see an email from us, please call 510-666-8248 or email frontdesk@aimc.edu.

Patients are responsible for the cost of herbal formulas from our in-house pharmacy & shipping if it will be shipped. Contact-less pick up from our Berkeley campus is available for local patients.


Telehealth Consult w/ Student Practitioners • $15

A 60 minute virtual appointment with 2 Clinic Interns & their licensed supervisor. The cost of the appointment does not include the cost of an herbal prescription or shipping.

Telehealth Consult w/ Faculty & Observers • $15

Our version of “Grand Rounds,” a 60 minute virtual appointment with a Licensed Acupuncturist & an observing cohort of Junior Interns. The cost of the appointment does not include the cost of an herbal prescription or shipping.


Custom Herbal Prescriptions

Practitioners can prescribe formulas that have been refined over centuries, verified by modern research, and are tailored to your specific presentation. Interns are trained in pharmacological interactions and are carefully supervised by experienced supervisors when designing herbal treatments. Prescriptions can be filled by our in-house pharmacy with the highest quality herbs available. Your prescription will be available for contact-less pick up outside the AIMC, Berkeley campus, or can be shipped directly to you. While Telehealth Consults are free through 2020, patients are responsible for the cost of any herbal prescriptions filled in-house.

Mindfulness & Self-Care

We’ll provide you with the tools and education to be your own best at-home wellness practitioner. Self-care is a modern buzzword attached to a dizzying amount of contradicting information. Our practitioners will provide you with specific, simple instructions for the kinds of activities that would be most beneficial to you and your needs at this time. Recommendations could include simple self-massage, acupressure, and mindfulness practices that you can really get behind.


Throughout AIMC’s curriculum, students learn the simple and peaceful movements of Qi Gong. As a moving meditation much like yoga, qi gong incorporates movement and mindful breathing. In
one meta-analysis
of modern research, qi gong has been shown to increase white blood cell count, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve measures of depression in adults managing chronic health conditions. The movements and sequences are more gentle than yoga and can be easily taught over our telemedicine sessions.

Dietary & Nutritional Coaching

Modern micro and macro-nutritional knowledge guided by traditional wisdom to nourish the body and mind on the deepest levels. Our dietary guidance is not based on fad diets nor is it one-size-fits-all. We know that every single body is different, and we want you to feel best in your own body.

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"One of my favorite things about AIMC is the sense of community. We come together to support each other through challenges. Instead of a sense of competitiveness between students, there is a caring community that lifts everybody up. The faculty and staff are approachable and provide wonderful support during your graduate journey."

- Master’s Student
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