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Tag: Acupuncture history

January 16, 2018

A Brief History of Japanese Acupuncture & How it’s Different from Chinese Acupuncture

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It is widely agreed that acupuncture originated from China more than 2000 years ago. However, for thousands of years acupuncture had been practiced in other Asian countries as well.

In Japan, acupuncture has been an important part of their medical practice and system for over 1400 years. However, it was in fact, a Chinese monk-physician named Chiso that brought acupuncture along with other medical techniques to Japan in the 6th century. During this time, China was far more advanced in the practice of acupuncture than Japan but since then acupuncture in Japan has evolved in its own very unique way.

Between 1868 and 1988, approximately 4000 medical books were imported from Japan to China. Many of these were Chinese medicine texts which were re-imported …

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