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Lifestyle Flexibility

Acupuncture and integrative medicine isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle. If you want a future that allows you to serve others while seamlessly weave your work into your current schedule and commitments, an education from AIMC could be right for you. Set your schedule, create your future, change lives.

Integrative Medicine

Our programs promote an integrative approach to medicine by offering strong Western medicine courses and cutting edge clinical experiences in Western medicine settings. We offer a diversified curriculum that incorporates mind body and spirit. We strive to marry Western and Eastern practices for a unique and effective curriculum.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to those who qualify in our Masters program. Invest in a future worth working for. Direct Unsubsidized Loans and/or Graduate PLUS loans are two types of aid students may qualify for, in addition to Work Study. Request info now to speak with our Financial Aid Officer, Victoria.



At AIMC, we’ve dedicated our lives to educating healers, seekers, and change-makers. Our students must be dedicated to the idea that their education can empower them to be leaders in healthcare and the community around them; This can only be accomplished by committing fully to our rigorous program. Our student body ranges from individuals working in medical practice and public health, to those who have studied Eastern cultures and arts. Our school is a place of healing and learning, and we encourage all of our students to make AIMC their lifestyle.


We offer more than 1,000 hours of clinical experience, which exceeds most other acupuncture schools in the country. The clinic training begins in the second trimester and continues throughout the whole program both on and off campus. This comprehensive clinical exposure grounds your didactic education in real world experience.


“The mission of Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College-Berkeley is to develop caring, proficient, and successful practitioners who serve our communities and the Oriental medicine profession by treating illness and promoting health and wellness. AIMC Berkeley promotes patient-centered integrative medicine focused on treating the whole person (mind/body/spirit), with consideration for both traditional and contemporary medical models and other factors that influence health, wellness, and disease.”

Why Acupuncture?

A Variety of Possibilities

Our graduates have enjoyed a variety of career options and higher learning after leaving AIMC. Their success is the ultimate example of the education we can provide to dedicated students.


Some of our graduates pursue specialties in sports medicine. For example: one graduate is an acupuncturist for the SF Giants, another graduate is an acupuncturist with the San Francisco Ballet and Olympic athletes and a third graduate works with golfers, football players and other athletes in his practice.

or Group Practice

Other graduates pursue sole entrepreneurship as acupuncturists, team up to open practices with their fellow graduates or work under an acupuncturist who has an established practice. Some graduates pursue careers in integrative and conventional medical settings like hospitals, boutique medical practices, medical clinics, and research facilities.


A number of AIMC Berkeley graduates have gone on to create affordable health care clinics under the principles put forward by POCA (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture). Oakland Acupuncture Project, Alameda Acupuncture Project and Berkeley Acupuncture Project, Berkeley Community Acupuncture are all staffed, created or owned by our graduates.

Why Students Chose Acupuncture

“I want to be an Acupuncturist because I want to follow a field of medicine most closely related to what I believe is nature. No artificial, chopped or mass produced pills. I have used pills and I have yet to be satisfied. I prefer natural ointments, foods & teas, exercise and family.”

- Gina Dang, Health Advocate

​“If there was more of an emphasis on preventing conditions and ailments there wouldn’t be such a need for synthetic stimulants and prescription drugs to help us in ways our bodies no longer can.”

- Daniel Stopler, Massage Therapist

Change The World Through Integrative Medicine

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