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Japanese Medicine Certificate

AIMC Berkeley is proud to announce the creation of a Certificate in Japanese Medicine. This certificate will be awarded to any licensed acupuncturist or acupuncture student who completes a minimum of 84 Continuing Education units from the Japanese Acupuncture workshops offered at AIMC Berkeley.

Japanese acupuncture is renowned for its ability to create positive clinical outcomes with minimal stimulation. Many acupuncturists who practice Meridian Therapy use little to no needle insertion. The AIMC Japanese Medicine Certification program offers an opportunity to study with masters from Japan who will teach several techniques using intricate, classic methods of Meridian Therapy. They will also demonstrate evidence-based scientific approaches such as trigger point treatment, which is based on autonomic nervous system theory. A gentle approach to moxibustion, also an important feature of traditional medicine in Japan, will be covered in this series as well.

Requirements: Completion of a minimum of 84 CE units from the Japanese Acupuncture certification workshops that are offered by AIMC Berkeley. There are a series of continuing education courses that can be applied to the certificate’s 84-unit requirement. Courses are typically offered each year and can be completed in any order.


  • Seifukujitsu Module 1– 16 CE units

    Technique: Japanese Bodywork for Acupuncturists

    Instructor: Professor Robert Hudson
    Registration Now Open: September 23-24, 2022

  • Seifukujitsu Module 2– 16 CE units

    Technique: Japanese Bodywork for Acupuncturists

    Instructor: Professor Robert Hudson
    Registration Now Open: October 22-23, 2022

  • Introduction to Kampo Medicine– 16 CE units

    Technique: Fukushin in the context of Kampo Medicine

    Instructor: Nigel Dawes

  • Grand Rounds: Kampo Medicine– 8 CE units

    Technique: Live Clinical Application of Kampo Medicine

    Instructor: Nigel Dawes

  • Japanese Moxa/Gynecology – 14 CE units

    Technique: Japanese style gentle direct moxa

    Instructor: Junji Mizutani, L.Ac. (Canada)

  • Contact Needling & Psychology – 14 CE units

    Technique: Funamizu style contact needle

    Instructor: Takahiro Funamizu

  • Contact Needle & Hammer Technique – 14 CE units

    Technique: Contact needling and Japanese traditional “Hammer needling” with Meridian therapy

    Instructor: Keiko Ogawa, M.D. (pediatric surgeon)

  • Shakuju Therapy Advanced Course – 14 CE units

    Technique: Shakuju Therapy

    Instructor: Daiki Takahashi
    Assistant Instructors: Tisha Mallon, L.Ac. & Saori Tasaka L.Ac. Japan

  • Advanced Trigger Point Acupuncture – 14 CE units

    Technique: Pain treatment with a modern/scientific style of Japanese trigger point acupuncture

    Instructor: Kazunori Itoh, Ph.D.
    Assistant Instructor: Haro Ogawa, Team Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist
    for the San Francisco Giants

  • Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture – 21 CE units

    Technique: YNSA

    Instructor: Yoshifumi Tomita, MD Japan

  • Japan 10 Seminar –Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Seminar in Tokyo/Shikoku – 35/42 CE units*


Registration & Completion

Registration is ongoing. Priced per class. See each individual course listing for description and pricing.

Participants must register for each individual class/module separately. Visit our CEU webpage to view available courses.  Certificate is awarded upon completion of 84 CE units in select courses.

COVID-19 Impact

Many of our Japanese Acupuncture CEU courses are postponed due to safety concerns regarding Covid-19. It is currently unsafe for our international instructors to travel and teach in person at this time. However, Introduction to Kampo Medicine and Grand Rounds: Kampo Medicine are currently being offered.

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