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Our in-person clinic is currently closed. Following the guidance of the CDC and the County of Alameda, we will re-open as soon as we can do so safely.

To continue to support the health of our community at this time, we are offering free Telehealth Consults.

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AIMC Berkeley’s talented Clinic Intern Practitioners provide in-person appointments with the highest quality care under the supervision of licensed faculty. We treat a variety of conditions including (but not limited to) pain management, fertility, women’s health, colds and flus, digestive issues, stress, mental health, autoimmune conditions, aging support, pediatrics, and immune support.

Our clinic has 13 private treatment rooms. You can be sure that you will be taken care of by distinguished faculty, experienced supervisors, hardworking staff, and innovative intern practitioners.

AIMC Berkeley’s emphasis on education encourages a detail-oriented and holistic approach to each treatment. Because our Intern Practitioners are currently enrolled in classes with some of the most highly respected LAcs in the area, their knowledge of both classical and modern techniques are at the forefront of their minds, allowing them to provide you with the best care. Before beginning work in the clinic, all interns have completed at least 60 semester units of an undergraduate degree and at least one year of Masters of Science Oriental Medicine (MSOM) curriculum, including observing treatments with experienced practitioners.

AIMC Berkeley’s highly talented and professional Clinic Intern Practitioners are a multifaceted team of compassionate and motivated individuals ranging in age from twenties to sixties and possessing diverse backgrounds and professional goals. Patients may receive acupuncture treatments, herbal consults, bodywork, and other modalities and lifestyle advice as appropriate to the specific concerns of each patient.

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"One of my favorite things about AIMC is the sense of community. We come together to support each other through challenges. Instead of a sense of competitiveness between students, there is a caring community that lifts everybody up. The faculty and staff are approachable and provide wonderful support during your graduate journey."

- Master’s Student