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How to Apply

AIMC Berkeley accepts applications on an ongoing basis. There are three starts each year for our programs: Fall (September), Spring (January), Summer (May).

Below are our trimester start dates and priority deadline application dates but any degree-seeking student can apply as late as the start of the trimester. For non-degree seekers, applications and class registration must be finalized by the late application deadline.

Apply to Masters or Dual Degree Program Apply to Doctorate Completion Program


Summer 2020: May 4, 2020
Fall 2020: August 31, 2020

DAIM Completion STARTS:

May 9, 2020


Summer 2020: March 4, 2020
Fall 2020: June 31, 2020

DAIM Completion priority deadline:

March 4, 2020


Summer 2020: April 4, 2020
Fall 2020: July 31, 2020

DAIM Completion LATE deadline:

April 4, 2020

Click Here to View the Doctorate Completion Track Spring 2020 Overview

We encourage early applications to allow time for a review of transcripts, qualify you for financial aid, and conduct transfer credit evaluations. You will also be invited for an admissions interview. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to apply by the priority date, to allow for qualifying exams and clinic registration. Degree-seeking students may apply past the Priority Date as long as you submit all the materials one week before the start of the trimester.

Any questions, please contact our Admissions Department, (510) 859-1300.

Acupuncture Practitioner

OPEN HOUSE: Acupuncture as a Profession

Join Us: Monday, February 17th, 6-7:30 PM

Learn about acupuncture and integrative medicine at our Open House!

During the event, we will give a comprehensive overview of our Masters and Doctorate programs in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine; including curriculum, schedules, tuition, financial aid, a tour of the campus, etc.

For attendees who plan to apply to our programs for the Summer 2020 term, the application fee of $100 will be waived. And, to further our mission of promoting health and wellness, we’d like to offer you a gift certificate for a complementary treatment at our AIMC clinic.

To join us, contact Holly at 510-859-1300 or admissionsinfo@aimc.edu.

Summer term begins on May 4th.


All applicants for a Master’s degree must have:

  • High school diploma or GED. AIMC Berkeley does not accept ability-to-benefit (ATB)
  • The minimum education requirements of 60-semester units (equivalent to 90 quarter units) of undergraduate work from an accredited institution or foreign equivalent with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. If you are considering a doctorate, please see the requirements below.

All applicants for a Dual Degree and Doctoral Completion degree must have:

  • High school diploma or GED. AIMC Berkeley does not accept ability-to-benefit (ATB)
  • The minimum education requirements of 90-semester units (equivalent to 135 quarter units) of undergraduate work from an accredited institution or foreign equivalent with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Apply to Masters or Dual Degree Program Apply to Doctorate Completion Program

  • Fill out Part 1 of either Masters or Doctorate Completion online application.
  • Masters and Dual Degree applicants: submit a 500-word essay describing the path that led you to pursue Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine as a profession.
  • Doctoral Completion applicants: submit a 500-word reflection paper on your clinical practice/experience and on how you think, your doctorate degree will enhance your clinical practice.
  • Pay $100-application fee
  • After submitting Part 1 of your online application, begin to gather Part 2 documents.


  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Health Form for MSOM/DAIM
  • Health Form for DAIM Completion
  • Government Issued ID
  • Official college transcripts sent directly to AIMC Berkeley from all schools attended previously.
  • Two recommendation letters that speak to your academic ability, professionalism, compassion, maturity, and ability to complete the Master’s, Dual Degree, or Doctorate Completion program and become a successful practitioner. Letters can be from professional, educational, or personal contacts

Once we receive all your items, Admissions will contact you to schedule an on-campus interview. In-person interviews are preferred, but a phone interview may be available if you are unable to get to our campus. You may check on the status of your application by emailing admissions@aimc.edu or calling (510) 859-1300.


Approximately 15% of current AIMC Berkeley students are transfer students. Transfer students come to us for a variety of reasons. They may be relocating or want to change schools. What they share is a passion for acupuncture and integrative medicine and a determination to succeed. Please call the Admissions department (510) 859-1300 today if you are considering coming to us from another program. We can give you a preliminary evaluation of where you are with your acupuncture education and what transferring into our program might look like for you. We’re happy to help you make the transition as easy as possible!

Application preferred Priority Dates for transfer students are:

Spring 2020:
Part 1 and Part 2 Application submitted by November 1, 2019

Summer 2020:
Part 1 and Part 2 Application submitted by March 2, 2020

A transfer student may apply past the Priority Date as long as they have all the application materials in before the start of the trimester. Official transfer credit evaluations are provided once a student applies. The transfer evaluation fee is $100.


Non-degree seekers are students from the C.A.B. tutorial program or other acupuncture schools. Non-matriculating students who are fully enrolled in another acupuncture school are limited to taking up to 12 units as non-degree seekers at AIMC before needing to apply for transfer into our program. No exceptions. AIMC reserves the right to refuse admission to any non-degree seeker. Non-degree seekers are subject to a higher rate per credit hour than matriculating students, which can change at any time. Pre-requisites will be evaluated only after the application is complete. No exceptions. Application and registration must be completed in full by the late application deadline. No exceptions.

Non-degree application checklist:

Part 1 of MSOM application online
Non-degree seeker application
-$100 application fee (non-waivable/non-refundable)
-Unofficial copies of transcripts from your current or previous acupuncture degree program
-Look up and verify course requirements and pre-requisites via the student catalog
-Check the class schedule to find your courses
-Once accepted, registration for classes by the deadline

Application and registration deadlines for non-degree students are:

Spring 2020: December 3, 2019

Summer 2020: March 20, 2020


AIMC Berkeley welcomes all international applicants to our diverse community of student healers. To apply to the program, international applicants must complete all of the regular entry admissions requirements.

  • Additional requirements for International Applicants only:
  • International credential evaluation (www.eres.com) or (naces.org)
  • Documentation of English language proficiency (transcript from English language college or TOEFL results)
  • Application for I-20 Visa

Please review the Application Procedure for International Applicants.


"One of my favorite things about AIMC is the sense of community. We come together to support each other through challenges. Instead of a sense of competitiveness between students, there is a caring community that lifts everybody up. The faculty and staff are approachable and provide wonderful support during your graduate journey.

- Master’s Student