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Category: Articles

October 11, 2019

What Is Acupuncture and Why Does It Work?

What is acupuncture? What can it treat? Our guide goes through some of the history behind this ancient technique and what it is used for today.

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August 21, 2019

Part 1: Methylation and Why It Matters

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This critical process occurs billions of times every second to control the genetic expression of virtually every cell in the body.

What Is Methylation? 

The methylation cycle. It’s a process that involves passing a methyl group (one carbon atom plus three hydrogen atoms) to something else (a gene, neurotransmitter, etc.) in the body.3 While seemingly simple, methylation is “mind-bogglingly fundamental”.1 In fact, this critical process occurs billions of times every second to control the genetic expression of virtually every cell in the body.1,3

As if operating our switchboard of genes wasn’t a big enough job, methylation plays a huge role in detox, neurotransmitter modulation and cell defense. Additionally, it has a hand in the regulation of sympathetic and immune responses and supports brain, cardiovascular and muscle health.3 With involvement in such a broad range of homeostatic processes it’s not surprising that genetic mutations related …

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August 14, 2019

Supporting Local, Organic Chinese Herb Farming in the AIMC Herb Pharmacy



The movement to grow Chinese herbs organically and locally is an important step towards creating a sustainable herbal medicine on our planet.


For many Chinese trained herbalists here in the West, the question of the ethics and sustainability of using herbs grown in China and flown to the US, rather than local herbs, is a big one. The Chinese Herbal Materia Medica has an incredible array of amazing healing plants. However, as the popularity of Chinese herbalism is rapidly growing throughout the world, we need to examine whether or not is sustainable for us to continue using them. Right now, the vast majority of Chinese herbs are grown in China, and supplying the whole planet with herbs grown in just one country is not feasible in …

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August 13, 2018

I practiced Qigong for two months. Here are eight things I learned.

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My introduction to Qigong

My practice began in the classroom where we were asked to establish a daily practice and jot down our reactions in a journal. Initially, I had no intention to share these written reflections, but the idea of incorporating these into this blog post popped into my head about midway through the assignment. At first, I wondered if I’d made a mistake. As you’ll read shortly, I found it tough to simultaneously cultivate a meditation practice and blog about it. But the truth is, Qigong surprised me in more ways than one and I’m excited to share what I discovered.

A brief disclaimer: The perils of writing for public review

In the beginning, I’d find myself midway through a sequence trying to relax, while at …

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