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May 17, 2023

San Fu: Treating the Winter illness during the Summer

Treating Winter illness, or 冬病夏治 (dōng bìng xià zhì), during the Summer, or by using 三伏贴(sān fú tiē)

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What is 冬病夏治 (dōng bìng xià zhì)?

冬 病 (dōng bìng) means illnesses that happen more often or get severe in the winter. For example, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, and Spleen & Stomach deficiency and coldness in Chinese Medicine perspective, etc. 夏治 (xià zhì) means the condition of the illness improves while the yang is rising in the summer. With the differential diagnosis, taking Chinese Medicine internally and externally can prevent the severity of the illness in the winter.

What is 三伏贴(sān fú tiē)?

三伏(sān fú) usually appears between Xiao Shu and Chu Shu when there is a combination of high temperature and humid in nature. There are 30 or 40 days in San Fu, depending on the year. San Fu can be divided into Beginning Fu ( 10 days), Middle Fu (10-20 days), and Ending Fu (10 days). San Fu dates in 2023 Beginning Fu: 7.11-7.20 (10 days) Middle Fu: 7.21 – 8.9 (20 days) Ending Fu: 8.10 – 8.19 (10 days)

三伏贴(sān fú tiē) is a type of paste that includes Traditional Chinese herbs. (For example, mugwort, dry ginger, pepper, mustard seeds, and Chinese wild ginger. ) The pastes need to be applied in every Fu (+ 1 if the middle Fu is 20 days).

Read more about 三伏贴(sān fú tiē) as a treatment, including recommended point locations, applications, and cautions, below!

冬病夏治 (dōng bìng xià zhì) using 三伏贴(sān fú tiē) (1)
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