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October 11, 2021

Shuumi Land Tax & Indigenous People’s Day

A Native American Tribe with homes, canoes, and fires is illustrated in the marsh of the Bay in front of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. Birds fly in the air and swim in the water.

AIMC Berkeley proudly supports the work of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. We recognize that our school is located on land that was the home of Ohlone people who lived in reciprocity with the land.

Lisjan Ohlone leaders in the East Bay today are the descendants of the survivors of genocidal terror and colonization. We mourn the loss of Indigenous lives and wisdom and offer deep gratitude to the surviving families who are building and visioning the path to healing.

“Shuumi means gift in Chochenyo.” -Sogorea Te’ Land Trust

As a voluntary “tax,” the Shuumi land tax contributes to the important work of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, which includes tending land, growing traditional crops and medicinal plants, revitalizing ancestral practices, the creation of an emergency response hub, and educational outreach efforts.

As of 2021, AIMC Berkeley will pay Shuumi land tax annually. Today, on Indigenous people’s day, we want to invite all of our community members to do so as well. Visit the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust website to calculate & pay this “tax” to participate in the healing process. Their website also includes a wealth of information about Indigenous history in the Bay Area & provides many resources to learn more about the Ohlone people & the land back movement.

Sogorea Te Land Trust Logo in Black and White

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