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June 21, 2021

Campus COVID-19 Updates

Current Policies on Campus

Per CDHP guidance, as a healthcare facility, we will continue to require temperature checks and masking of vaccinated & unvaccinated patients and practitioners visiting our in-person clinic and inside our building generally. We don’t anticipate making any major changes to this policy before the start of the fall semester (see “Fall 2021 Policy” below).

Library Re-Opening

Message from the Library sent 6/21/2021

The AIMC Library is cautiously reopening on a limited basis. Le Jiang will be staffing the Library on Wednesday mornings from 9 AM to 12:30 PM starting June 23rd. We may add more hours in the weeks ahead, depending on staffing availability and demand.

There is a pass system to limit capacity for the time being and those passes are found outside the Library door. One pass is for computer use, one pass is for studying at a table, and one “roving” pass can be used for browsing the bookshelves, checking out materials, using the copier, or getting assistance at the circulation desk. If the desired pass is not available outside the door, check back later during the shift. You may also make a reservation for study time (up to two hours) or browsing by emailing Patricia at least 24 hours in advance and we will reserve the pass for you during the specified time you request.

We will continue to honor requests for books for pick-up, as well as reference help by your emailing Patricia at pward@aimc.edu.

Fall 2021 Policy

Message from the Safety & Clinic Committee sent 6/18/2021

Dear AIMC Community,
It brings us great pleasure to announce a plan for the Fall trimester that will allow for in-person learning and community. We’re grateful for everyone’s efforts to keep spirits high and maintain a meaningful, rich learning environment during a challenging time of virtual learning and strong restrictions on in-person interactions– and we’re glad to usher in a new phase of in-person opportunities at AIMC.

We institute this policy as an educational and healthcare facility with a duty to protect the health and safety of all of our community members. In light of the risks of illness from COVID-19 to the most vulnerable populations, we believe this policy will provide the greatest protection possible to our patient population and the most normalized peer & learning experience within AIMC’s classrooms. With this policy in place, mask and social distancing mandates could be safely repealed for all vaccinated community members outside of the context of the treatment room and patient contact areas.

We will be requiring Students, Faculty, & Staff who wish to access our in-person facilities to be vaccinated against COVID-19, with some medical and religious exemptions. Please review the AIMC COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Students & Staff for full details.

While waivers from the Department of Education are still in place, we will continue to offer virtual learning & clinic opportunities for community members that would prefer to continue with distance learning. We will be able to continue this offering through at least the Fall semester and will keep you apprised of any changes for following semesters.

As we’ve all learned through the course of COVID-19’s trajectory, this plan is subject to change according to local, state, and federal public health guidance. We will keep you updated on any new developments.

Please share any questions or concerns you may have about the policy, exemptions, or Fall 2021 plan with the members of the Safety Committee.

We look forward to being with you all soon,
The Safety Committee

  • Glenn Oberman, Acting Clinic Director: clinicdirector@aimc.edu
  • Joe Davis, Assistant Clinic Director: jdavis@aimc.edu
  • Thomas Siemann, Academic Director: academicdirector@aimc.edu
  • Ally Magill, Marketing Director: amagill@aimc.edu
  • Suriani Abdul Rani, Clinic Student Liason: clinicliaison@aimc.edu
  • Edgar Mojica, IT Clinic Specialist & Clinical Intern: emojica@aimc.edu
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