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June 20, 2020

Flower Essences at the Summer Solstice

singing bowl filled with flowers and fresh water

Flower Essences: Gentle Messages for the Heart Ruler

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest and brightest day of the year. Summer is the
season of Sun and Light, and the Heart. In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the Ruler that sits on our inner
throne and ensures harmony in our world. Just as in ancient China, when it was rare to actually glimpse
the revered Emperor, our own Heart Ruler is a behind the scenes presence that rules not through force,
but gently, effortlessly, through the quality we refer to as Wu-Wei. Thus, we approach the Heart Ruler
gently and reverently. For this reason, the Heart channel and Heart Back Shu points were classically
forbidden to needle. The approach is too direct. Approaching the Heart Ruler requires refinement and

When we think of herbal treatments for the Heart and emotions, we may also wish to consider a more
subtle approach. One way we can do this is with flower essences. A flower essence is an energetic
imprint of a flower captured in water. Unlike essential oils or tinctures, which use vast amounts of raw
plant material and are extremely strong and concentrated, a flower essence is subtle and delicate. It is
created through the alchemy of sunlight, pure water, and freshly picked blossoms. Flower essences
speak to our spirits and are wonderful for balancing all kinds of emotions. They are easy to use: just put
a few drops in your water bottle and sip freely throughout the day. This allows the crystallized energy of
the flower in water to speak directly to our own water, to remind us of our own beauty and harmony.
Flower essences are also simple to make. All you need is light, water, flowers, and a crystal bowl.

How to make your own flower essence:

You will need:

  • a small crystal bowl
  • pure water (spring water or rain water is best)
  • a sunny day
  • brandy to preserve your essence when finished
  • a glass jar or bottle

Because you are making a delicate energetic medicine, it is important to meditate and center yourself

Tune in with the plant you wish to work, offer your thanks, and ask permission to use its’ flowers as
medicine. You may receive messages from the plant about how it can be used.
Fill a small crystal bowl with water. (copper, silver, gold, or other gems or metals work too- but they
each impart a different energy to the essence, so choose carefully). Pick the flowers and place in the
water. (some people use tweezers, rather than their hands, to pick the flowers so the energy stays
absolutely pure). Cover the entire surface of the water with flowers.
Let the flowers and water sit in bright sunlight for 2-4 hours. You will see little bubbles form in the
water. You may wish to continue to meditate with your essence during this time.

When finished, strain out the flowers and pour the water into a glass jar. Leave half the jar empty and
put in an equal amount of brandy, to preserve the essence. This is the Mother Essence. To make a Stock
Essence for everyday use, take 10 drops of Mother essence and put in 1 mL bottle. Fill the bottle 50/50
with spring water and brandy. To use- simply put 5-10 drops of stock essence in your water bottle and
sip throughout the day. Flower essences act immediately and are best taken regularly over a period of
time for best results.

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