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May 21, 2020

Roses, Beautiful & Medicinal

A Pink Rose in Bloom

There is no flower as celebrated as Rose. Poets and romantics throughout time have sung its sweet songs. Rose is a flower of delight and sweetness, and that sweetness actually has a medicine and purpose in Traditional Chinese Herbalism.

Roses in Springtime

Its no coincidence that Rose (Mei Gui Hua) blooms in spring, the season of the Liver organ. Because spring corresponds to the Liver, during this time of the year people are more likely to experience ailments associated with Liver qi stagnation: stress, moodiness and irritability, depression, headaches, PMS, digestive issues, and an overall lack of smoothness and ease in the body. It just so happens that Rose is a wonderful remedy to help smooth out stuck Liver qi, de-stress, and harmonize the body and spirit.

Liver Qi Stagnation

When Liver qi stagnates, we often turn to acrid/spicy herbs like Chai Hu or Xiang Fu to break up and disperse stagnation, and get things moving. These are strong treatments that can sometimes aggravate a more sensitive person. Sometimes we need a gentler approach. In contrast to acrid herbs, the sweetness of Rose softens and harmonizes gently. Rather than trying to forcefully break up and move stagnant qi, we can instead just relax and soften. This is what the sweetness of Rose invites us to do. Sweetness restores the smooth flow of Liver qi by reminding us of the inherent sweetness of life. We can relax into it, and breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Thank you Rose!

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