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March 8, 2017

Best of Both Worlds: East & West Medicine

Our Alumni who are also Doctors & Nurses
Reflect on their Knowledge of Both Systems

First of a two-part series. Our second installment will spotlight our current students who are also nurses.

Katja Zamrik, MD (Germany) & LAc

Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine as a physician, I was fascinated by the ancient knowledge about the connection between certain organ systems. Over the last 100 years, Western Medicine has been able to find proof of these ancient observations on the molecular level (hormones and enzymes) for example, the connection between the kidneys and bone metabolism and the interplay between the cardiovascular system and the kidneys. Having studied Eastern Medicine has broadened my ability to interpret my patients’ signs and symptoms. Often there are no explanations for these in Western Medicine, yet Chinese Medicine not only describes these patterns but offers treatment plans.”

–Katja Zamrik, MD (Germany) & LAc, Spring 2014 AIMC Berkeley graduate and AIMC Berkeley Professional Clinic Practitioner

Yasu Kiba, RN & LAc

“I want to do whatever is best for my client—some times that will be western medicine and sometimes acupuncture. With Western medicine, there are some diseases that are now curable: leukemia, skin cancer. That’s a great reason to use Western Medicine.

But reducing the side effects, boosting the immune system, these are good reasons to use Oriental Medicine. A lot of people, they think I’m not sick but I’m not feeling well. These are good candidates for Eastern medicine. It seems like it causes less harm for the human body, with less side effects. It’s a nature based practice.”

–Yasu Kiba, RN, LAc, Spring 2015 AIMC Berkeley graduate

Sheela Rajan, MD, LAc

“I find it exciting to hear about how a breach baby can be turned to the correct position at near full term by doing acupuncture on the mother’s foot so she can have a normal delivery! Also there isn’t much Western medicine can do about treating the common cold, but an acupuncturist can differentiate so many types of colds and treat them accordingly.”

–Sheela Rajan, MD, Fall 2016 AIMC Berkeley graduate

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